Vietnam | Visiting the coastline


Traveling through a country that is not yours sometimes makes you feel like an outsider. This  is a feeling you can fight against. Not following the planned path and getting caught in tourist traps is one way to fix this. My first week in Vietnam I was struggling with the feeling myself. This also caused me not to make the photo’s wanted to. A good travel photo cannot be planned and this was something I had to make peace with. One thing you can do is open up and be curious, explore and expect nothing. This is what I did when i took this serie. And after taking these photo’s it felt like I finally landed in Vietnam.

After a walk down the beach in a non touristic fishermans village I was surprised by all the human dug holes on the beach. I went to investigate and figure out where these holes came from. I stumbled upon two men who turned out to be crab hunting. Even tough there was  language barriere, the guys where happy to show me how the caught the crabs. Already surprised by the hospitality these locals showed me another group of people invited me. During my walk I was invited by a family living on the beach. They fed me fish veggies and handed me an alcoholic beverage at 8:30 am. Even tough we could not understand a word we where saying to each other it wasn’t hard to notice the locals where as surprised by me “ being a blonde woman with a big camera” as i was with their hospitality. Not only 2 minutes after i left the family i was yet again invited to sit down with a group of men living down the beach. I was so surprised how going for an relaxing walk ended up in an adventure where in 30 minutes i met so many proud locals.


   Beautiful Vietnamese lady high on betel leaf

Veerle Sloof

Veerle Sloof

My name is Veerle Sloof. I’m a 22-year-old photographer. In 2014 I started my own photography business: Veer & Vorm.

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