Opening exhibition Modern Pilgrims

What a night!

Thursday the 7th was the opening of my exhibition in Leiden. After a year of hard work the moment was finally there. And I couldn’t be more grateful for a evening like this one. I was shocked from the up come, so many amazing people all in one room.



Ricardo de Winter and I started the evening with a speech and Linda Tulen played songs whilst the guests arrived. A short documentary was shown about the exhibition. (See Modern Pilgrims page)

Anna one of my Modern Pilgrims gave an amazing speech about her freedom, traveling and how precious it is to be able to travel all over the world as a single woman today. Tjebbe another one of my Modern Pilgrims expressed his form of freedom by playing some amazing songs at the opening.

Anna giving her speech 

Tjebbe playing his music.

And if you are thinking, what is a “Modern Pilgrim”? Let me elaborate. After researching the Pilgrims from 1600 i found out that they fled the UK for religious reasons. They chose to flee to Leiden because of its openminded democratic nature. And as from this day, Leiden still is a very “free” city with a open heart for refugees. From this idea the “Modern Pilgrim” was born.

A Modern Pilgrim~ a person why is free in their own manner and lives in Leiden.

The visitors at the opening not only got to see the photo’s of the Modern Pilgrims, but also got to meet them for real. Many off the Pilgrims where attending the opening them selfs and they even had to reveal their own photo’s. For me this was the most precious moment of the evening. To see their expressions on their faces while they first saw their own photo’s.



The big reveal 

Most of the Modern Pilgrims where present and where happy to tell about their story’s 

This evening was just the beginning, many more locations and maybe even Pilgrims will follow. Im excited and curious about the next chapter and look back on this part with great pleasure.




Veerle Sloof

Veerle Sloof

My name is Veerle Sloof. I’m a 22-year-old photographer. In 2014 I started my own photography business: Veer & Vorm.

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