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My name is Veerle. I am a 28-year-old photographer with a huge amount of curiosity towards people all over the world.

I am a self-taught photographer and I started to work in this field from a very early age, 16 years to be exact. Since then photography has brought me to such amazing situations, made me meet many amazing people in beautiful locations and it gave me the tools to share all these stories.


Free Work

In 2018 I created the Modern Pilgrim exhibition giving me more space to also create my own free work, and exploring my own voice more than what my commercial photography had brought me.



My first photography assignments were all about craftsmanship, in the early days, it was all concerning food production. Nowadays all that is craftsmanship intrigues me. In a time where modern technology makes everything go so fast, craftsmanship gives an opportunity to slow down and go back to the origins.