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Vietnam | Visiting the coastline

  Traveling through a country that is not yours sometimes makes you feel like an outsider. This  is a feeling you can fight against. Not following the planned path and getting...

Vietnam by motor bike | Mui Ne, Dalat

Vietnam, After a great trip in Sri Lanka, delivering me lots of adventures, memories and photo's, I was ready to visit something completely different. I was ready to visit Vietnam. Completely...

Final chapter of Sri Lanka

  This is the Final chapter of Srilanka, for now! After Arugam Bay I drove off to Galle, An old town wich partially exist from an old dutch fort out of the...

Arugam bay | Ocean portraits

Beach it is! After a small trip to Trincomallee, with plans to lay on the beach and do nothing,  we ended up going snorkelling and getting our Scooters broke down in...

Adventourus Start

In my first blog, I would like to welcome you to my new website and I would like to tell you something on why I am gonna start blogging from...